Google Search Console reporting glitch shows no links for some webmasters

No need to panic — the link report in the Google Search Console seems to have a few kinks that Google is working out.

There are many reports from webmasters saying that the “Links to Your Site” within the Google Search Console shows them no data. I have confirmed the bug, which is impacting many webmasters, but not all.

Here is a screen shot of what some webmasters may see in the Google Search Console links report:

google-links-no-data-available-1470914859Again, for some reason, this is not impacting all webmasters. I am personally able to see data for some sites and not see any data for other sites that I have access to in my Google Search Console account.

Google is aware of the issue, and Google’s John Mueller told me that the team is “looking at it.”

In any event, just be aware this seems to be a widespread issue and is likely nothing webmasters need to be concerned about. It is likely just a reporting glitch within the Google Search Console.

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